Services Offered Site Evaluation Animation
      Natural Resources Studies and Investigations
            Physical Sciences

  • Soil surveys, soil analysis, infiltration suitability reviews (subsurface waste water and sotrm water discharges), soil mapping.

  • Inland Wetland & Watercourse Boundary Determinations - State of Connecticut, Army Corps of Engineers, New York State DEC and local.

  • Stream and surface water surveys (physical, chemical & hydrological parameters)

            Biological Sciences
  • Flora surveys with special expertise in woody vegitation including analysis of existing forest communities.

  • Faunal surverys and wildlife habitat investigations and analysis including a site's potential to support endangered, threatened, and species of special concern.

  • Management and habitat mitigation plans.
  • Stream and pond surverys (bilogical and habitat analysis).

            Environmental Planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessments & Reviews.

  • Storm water quality and quantity management and planning: analysis of potential impacts to receiving source(s).

  • Soil Erosion & Sedimentation Control Plans.

  • Wetland Mitigation, Restoration, and Creation Plans.

  • Landscape mitigation plans (upland terrain).

  • Federal, State & Local Environmental Permit Assistance.

      Environmental Health & Safety
  • Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III Environmental Site Investigations.

  • Underground tank investigations, removal, and closure.

  • Soil, surface, and groundwater sampling and analysis.

  • Potable water investigations and water quality analysis.

  • Radon surveys.

  • Asbestos surveys and removal services.

  • A complete range of excavation and demolition services

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